Test Cells


Intended Use

Multiplate® is for research use only in the US and Canada.

Multiplate® analysis takes place in a single use test cell, which incorporates a duplicate sensor (multiple electrode aggregometry = MEA) and a PTFE-coated stirring magnet. This delivers automated quality control of measurements by comparison of the two simultaneously recorded single analyses. The sensor wires are silver-coated. When activated platelets adhere onto the sensor wires, the electrical resistance between the wires rises which is continuously registered.

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  • MP0027: Multiplate® Test Cells, 6 x 10 test cells per package. These are the standard test cells and nominal whole blood volume is 300 µl.
  • MP0028: Multiplate® Mini Test Cells, 6 x 10 test cells per package. These test cells use smaller volumes of whole blood (175 µl) and agonist and require use of a specific pipetting protocol different from that used with the standard test cell.